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Feasibility Analysis of UVSterilization Technology in Bottled Water Production

ZENG Zhi-ming,PAN Bo,ZHU Yu-hua,SHEN Zhong-feng

(Hangzhou Wahaha Group Company Limited,Hangzhou 310018,China)

Abstract: In recent years,UV sterilization technology has been intensively studied and widely used in the sterilization offood materials and processing environment. UV sterilization has the characteristics of simple operation,low energyconsumption,no disinfection by-products,low investment and maintenance cost. However,the technology also has alarger microbial risk through the analysis of in-service situation. The risks associated with using this technique forbottled water production in aseptic filling line has been analyzed,including the disinfection principles,water quality,sterilization equipment and parameters,filling environment and other aspects. The detection results of finished productunder different filling conditions indicated that the quality and safety of products could be well guaranteed. No livingmicroorganisms would be existence in bottled water by implementing effective supervision and prevention measures inthe process of manufacture.

Key words: UV sterilization;aseptic filling;risk analysis;product quality


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