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基于OBE理念的《食品工艺学》课程 教学改革初探



摘要:基于OBE 理念,根据地方龙头食品产业特点整合教学内容,以任务驱动法为主导实施“混合式”教学,积极探索“双元式”教学模式,采用形成性考核方式,对《食品工艺学》课程进行教学综合改革,积极探索食品专业应用型人才培养道路。

关键词:OBE 理念;食品工艺学;教学改革

APreliminary Study on the Teaching Reformof Food Technology Course Based on OBE Concept

KONG Xin-xin,MA Rong-kun

(Zhengzhou Institude of Science and Technology,Zhengzhou 450064,China)

Abstract: Based on the concept of OBE,teaching contents were integrated according to the local leading food industrycharacteristics. The mixed teaching was implemented taking the task driven method. Method as the leading factor. Thedual type teaching model was actively explored,and the formative assessment method was adopted.Teachingcomprehensive reform of Food Technology course was implemented through the above ways.The way of cultivatingapplication-oriented food professional talents was explored.

Key words: OBE model;Food Nutrition;Teaching reform


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