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HPLC法同时测定酒类中防腐剂和甜味剂 的含量

吴云静,黄姗(河南省口岸食品检验检测所,河南 郑州 450003)

摘要:建立同时测定酒类中苯甲酸、山梨酸、糖精钠与安赛蜜的高效液相色谱法。该法采用Venusil XBP C18色谱柱分离,以甲醇与1.54g/L乙酸铵溶液为流动相进行洗脱,在波长230nm 处进行测定。在15min 内苯甲酸、山梨酸、糖精钠与安赛蜜就能够达到较好的分离,在0.01~0.16mg/mL 的质量浓度范围内线性关系良好(r>0.9997),方法的检出限为0.5~2.0mg/kg,不同酒类样品的加标回收率在82.5%~103.9%之间,精密度<2%。结果表明,该方法简单、准确、重复性好,能够对市场上酒类产品中防腐剂和甜味剂进行有效的检测和监控。


Simultaneous Determination of Preservatives and Sweeteners in Wine by HPLC

WU Yun-jing,HUANG Shan

(Henan Province Port Institute for Food Inspection and Testing,Zhengzhou 450003,China)

Abstract: This paper is to establish an HPLC method for simultaneous determination of benzoic acid,sorbic acid,saccharin sodium and acesulfame in wine. The procedure of HPLC analysis was carried out on a Venusil XBP C18column using methanol and 1.54g/L ammonium acetate solution as the mobile phase,the detection wavelength was 230nm. Benzoic acid,sorbic acid,saccharin sodium,and acesulfame could be effectively separated within 15min,andgood linear correlation of them were found in the range of 0.01~0.16mg/mL (r>0.9997). The detection limits rangedfrom 0.5mg/kg to 2mg/kg. The average recoveries ranged from 82.5% to 103.9% and the precision less than 2%. Thedata showed that the developed method had good simplicity,accuracy and reproducibility,that could determine andsupervise preservatives and sweeteners in wine.

Key words: HPLC;wine;benzoic acid;sorbic acid;saccharin sodium;acesulfame


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